Victim’s Assistance


The Mesilla Valley DWI Resource Center is available to assist victims and their families.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a drunk driving crash, use the links to find the help you need – legal, financial and emotional support.


We may be able help you:

  • Track your case through the court system – Follow the directions to case look up.

  • Liaison with other agencies as needed

  • Learn the difference between the criminal and civil judicial processes

  • Explain your rights and role in the courtroom

  • Access financial assistance

In New Mexico, DWI crashes resulting in great bodily injury or death are considered “enumerated crimes”. Victims of enumerated crimes have certain legal rights guaranteed by the New Mexico State Constitution.


In addition to the services above:

  • We may be able to speak with law enforcement officials on your behalf

  • Assist you in preparing your impact statement to the court

  • Assist in forming questions to ask the District Attorney’s Office

If you would like to speak with us about these services, please call the Center at 575-523-1244.


We rely on advice and experience of our members and also our parent group, the DWI Resource Center, in Albuquerque, that has provided training and expertise in the field since 1988.


Support groups meet monthly. Call for dates, times and location.